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Strategy Developments

Helps leaders to apply the process an organization uses to determine how it will allocate its resources and get maximum impact from its people to achieve its objectives. It’s the act a team will conduct to produce a measurable and specific action plan intended to help the business operate, innovate, and grow.

As you focus on strategy development, you must consider your business model and how you can engage everyone from the bottom up. They all must believe in your mission statement and vision if you are going to tap into their collective abilities to gain a competitive advantage.

An effective strategy is agile, making it easy for you to quickly adapt to changes in circumstance, seize new opportunities, and remain relevant in a dynamic marketplace where customer interests change with the wind. It bobs and weaves like a sword-wielding (yet approachable) monster slayer in leather pants.

You may not always need to develop a brand new strategy every time you face a new challenge—you can tweak the existing one. That’s not to say you should never scrap a strategy that isn’t working. Sometimes, it’s best to start from scratch.

In all cases, strategic decisions are a product of your unique circumstances—if you’re connected to your strategy, you will be best placed to decide what to do and when.

Course Modules:

  • Module 1, Strategy development concept & model.
  • Module 2, Corporate directional.
  • Module 3, Environmental scanning.
  • Module 4, Strategy formulation.
  • Module 5, Monitoring and evaluation.

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